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Nezávazně poptat

Unconventional catering with a touch of home atmosphere

Are you planning a wedding, company party, party or celebration? Feel free to take a look at our FoodIN catering options. We will be happy to prepare for you and your guests an unusual catering that really tastes amazing and also pleasantly surprises. We provide non-traditional catering for small and large groups of participants. We specialize in corporate catering, where we are able to adapt to the demands of corporate customers. We offer breakfast, coffee breaks, lunches, but also corporate teambuilding, parties and celebrations. For corporate teambuilding, we most often use our FoodIN truck, from which we can offer a varied menu in the style of street food.

We are a family company, which since 2016 offers clients non-traditional catering of local ingredients. We select and buy all ingredients, raw materials and products from small Czech farmers, growers and small producers exclusively and directly. We choose only the best and best products for our customers. They can enjoy here a number of specialties, including our own products. Our offer is very varied, we offer a number of quality cheeses, both fresh and ripened, sausages and vegetable delicacies. We will delight not only meat lovers, but also vegetarians and last but not least vegans. Every food we offer to you and your guests has a story that we will be happy to introduce to the event. Our catering will not only be a pleasure but also an experience.
Moreover, we are always looking for something new throughout the Czech Republic. Our goal is to collect as many raw materials locally as possible to support the local economy while minimizing environmental burdens.

We will arrange the event for you both indoors and outdoors. In addition, you can also use our FoodIN truck for an outdoor event. Of course for us is the quality of service, so we always bring with us the best team of people.

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