Prague 1     350

The Original Beer Experience Venue

Experiential exhibition and unique spaces in a renovated Art Nouveau building in the center of Prague

  Prague 2 - New Town     23

Imago Mundi Event Space & Lounge

Unique bar on boat in the center of Prague

  Prague 8 – Karlín     20

Bistro Čejka

A cozy bistro in Karlín with specialties from a family butcher shop for corporate team events.

  Prague 8 - Karlín     250

Arthur's pub

Trendy and spacious PUB and minimalist kitchen in the heart of Karlín

  Prague 10 - Hostivař     2000

Hostivar Dam

A great place for an outdoor party, team building or a grand celebration.

  Prague 1     150

The Lounges
Červený Jelen

6 lounges at Červený Jelen with a private bar

from 25 000 CZK/day
  Prague 3 - Žižkov     250

Tower Park Praha

Charming views and stylish spaces for corporate events and weddings

  East Bohemia     30

Old Brewery Litomyšl

Cozy attic space for smaller events and seminars

  Prague 13 - Suburb     100

Restaurant Trifot

Trifot Restaurant combines art and fine dining.

  Prague 1     140

FU Club Prague

Unforgettable parties and events in the center of Prague.

  Prague 7 - Holesovice     140

Mama's Terrace
Mama Shelter Prague

Terrace with outdoor seating

  Prague 1 - Staré Město     400


Great Panasian cuisine in a unique environment inspired by Asia

  Zlín Region     1000

HUB na poli

Do you need to move, look around? We will give you space.

from 500 CZK/h
  Olomouc     55


An extraordinary complex of progressive craft brewery,<br /> artisan production of cheese curds and a restaurant...

from 2 000 CZK/day