Central Bohemia     455

Monínec grounds

Celoroční rekreační areál s maximálním vyžitím.

  East Bohemia     250

Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Four star hotel in the Giant Mountains

  Prague 2 - New Town     23

Imago Mundi Event Space & Lounge

Unique bar on boat in the center of Prague

  Central Bohemia     150

Zámek Ratměřice

Wonderful spaces not only for romantic weddings but also for corporate or cultural events.

  Central Bohemie     100

Chateau Mcely

Únik od shonu a ruchu velkoměsta uprostřed přírody

  Central Bohemia     29

Conference lounges
Zámek Ratměřice

Smaller spaces for corporate events

  East Bohemia     200

Undergroundové garage in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Unconventional space in underground garages

  Central Bohemia     15

Podlešanský mill

Former mill in picturesque nature for events with family or friends.

  Central Bohemia     120

Zámek Ratměřice

Amazing rooms for romantic weddings

  East Bohemia     24

Wine bar in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Wine bar with wine shop for friends and corporate events

  East Bohemia     40

Lobby with a fireplace in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Lobby with fireplace

  Prague 5 - Outer center     1500

Imperial meadow Prague

Leisure center right next to the city center

  Prague 10     60

Hamerský sklípek

Cellar at the pond in Prague for chamber events

  East Bohemia     55

Restaurant in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Design restaurant with delicious food

  Prague 8 - Libeň     30

Cafe & Restaurant Palmovka

Pleasant and quiet cafe with restaurant for smaller events

  Prague 3 - Wider Center     100

Il Capitano Ristorante

Italian flavors & great environment not only for gastronomic events

  Moravia     100

Hotel Lahofer

Modern hotel connected with a winery suitable for weddings, family celebrations and corporate events

  Central Bohemia     120

Conference hall
Zámek Ratměřice

Bigger spaces for corporate events