Prague 2 - New Town     23

Imago Mundi Event Space & Lounge

Unique bar on boat in the center of Prague

  Prague 1 - Old Town     90

U Staré Paní Jazz & Cocktail Club

Jazz club with a focus on quality alcohol, after complete reconstruction.

  East Bohemia     55

Restaurant in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Design restaurant with delicious food

  Prague 5 - Outer center     1500

Imperial meadow Prague

Leisure center right next to the city center

  Praha 8 - Karlín     40

Winebar Rustonka

Wine bar for private parties, corporate events, tastings and seminars.

  Central Bohemia     29

Conference lounges
Zámek Ratměřice

Smaller spaces for corporate events

  North Bohemia     50

Blekta hall
KRASSA Fortress

Hall for corporate meetings in the picturesque Podještědí

from 8 000 CZK / day
  Prague 2     28

Bar Ginger Prague

Komorní bar na Vinohradeh pro menší oslavy a schůzky i s barmanem

  Prague 5     30

HOAX Meeting room

Bar with an outdoor garden overlooking Vyšehrad and the Vltava River

from 600 CZK / hr.
  Prague 2 - Nove Mesto     50

Restaurant Potrefená husa Albertov

Stylish restaurant with trendy cuisine and a rich selection of drinks.

  Prague 1 - Old Town     250

Event space

The main hall of the design business hub

  East Bohemia     40

Lobby with a fireplace in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Lobby with fireplace

  Prague 3 - Wider Center     100

La Suite Bar

Original Suite bar & wine shop for chamber events and exclusive meetings.

  Prague 1     1100

Červený Jelen

A vibrant oasis of togetherness with the possibility of using private lounges

  Prague 3 - Wider Center     100

Il Capitano Ristorante

Italian flavors & great environment not only for gastronomic events

  Prague 2 - Vinohrady     1000

Pavilon Grébovka

Garden pavilion in beautiful surroundings with modern furnishings.

  North Bohemia     80

KRASSA Fortress

Multifunctional complex for corporate meetings in picturesque Podještědí

  Prague 3 - Žižkov     250

Tower Park Praha

Charming views and stylish spaces for corporate events and weddings

  Central Bohemia     150

Zámek Ratměřice

Wonderful spaces not only for romantic weddings but also for corporate or cultural events.

  Central Bohemia     50

BÚDA Wine & Coffee

Designová vinotéka a kavárna ve stylu slovácké búdy v Benešově.

  East Bohemia     200

Undergroundové garage in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Unconventional space in underground garages

  Prague 3 - Wider center     200

Miminoo Restaurant
Tower Park Praha

A green oasis in the middle of Žižkov under the famous Babies on Prague Tower

  Central Bohemia     120

Conference hall
Zámek Ratměřice

Bigger spaces for corporate events

  Prague 3 - Žižkov     80

Pracovna & Laskafe

A place for your corporate events, cultural evenings, or lectures

  Prague 8 - Libeň     30

Cafe & Restaurant Palmovka

Pleasant and quiet cafe with restaurant for smaller events

  Prague 13 - Suburb     100

Restaurant Trifot

Trifot Restaurant combines art and fine dining.

  Moravia     100

Hotel Lahofer

Modern hotel connected with a winery suitable for weddings, family celebrations and corporate events

  North Bohemia     90

Hartig hall
KRASSA Fortress

Hall for corporate meetings in the picturesque Podještědí

from 11 000 CZK / day
  Prague 2     40

Grebovka Pavilion

Romantický altán uprostřed vinice přímo v centru Prahy

  Prague 4 - Krc     200

NOLA Restaurant & Café

Tailor made party in a stylish restaurant in Prague's Pankrac

  Prague 1 - Staré Město     400


Great Panasian cuisine in a unique environment inspired by Asia

  Praha 1 - Staré Město     550

Bar & Club Zlatý Strom

Ikona pražského nočního života Zlatý Strom Bar & Klub baví všechny

  Olomouc     80

Resort Hodolany

A multipurpose complex with a hotel and restaurant in Olomouc

  East Bohemia     24

Wine bar in Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec
Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Wine bar with wine shop for friends and corporate events

  Prague 10     60

Hamerský sklípek

Cellar at the pond in Prague for chamber events

  Herálec     50

Restaurant Honoria
Chateau Herálec *****

Restaurant in the medieval fortress

  Praha 1 - Staré Město     80

U Zlatého Stromu Restaurant

Privátní bar s obsluhou a salonkem kousek od Karlova mostu