East Bohemia     250

Aparthotel Saint Vavřinec

Four star hotel in the Giant Mountains

  Prague 3 - Žižkov     250

Tower Park Praha

Charming views and stylish spaces for corporate events and weddings

  Olomouc     80

Resort Hodolany

A multipurpose complex with a hotel and restaurant in Olomouc

  Prague 8 - Karlín     80


Neokoukaný vinný bar s nabídkou pečlivě vybraných 64 vín po skleničce.

  Prague 3 - Wider center     50

Oblaca Restaurant
Tower Park Praha

Charming and unforgettable view combined with top gastronomy

  Herálec     50

Restaurant Honoria
Chateau Herálec *****

Restaurant in the medieval fortress

  Prague 3 - Wider center     50

Oblaca Bar
Tower Park Praha

A bar with a specific atmosphere in a unique place with an extraordinary perspective

  Prague 1 - Staré Město     400


Great Panasian cuisine in a unique environment inspired by Asia

  Prague 2 - Nove Mesto     50

Restaurant Potrefená husa Albertov

Stylish restaurant with trendy cuisine and a rich selection of drinks.

  Prague 3 - Wider center     200

Miminoo Restaurant
Tower Park Praha

A green oasis in the middle of Žižkov under the famous Babies on Prague Tower

  Prague 1     1100

Červený Jelen

A vibrant oasis of togetherness with the possibility of using private lounges

  Prague 13 - Suburb     100

Restaurant Trifot

Trifot Restaurant combines art and fine dining.

  Prague 1 - Old Town     250

Event space

The main hall of the design business hub