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Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 2300 CZK/hour

Pleasant space for training, seminars and other events in Karlín.

The premises of the HUB academy reflect the unceasing pulsating energy of Prague's dynamic Karlín district. The high density of cafes, restaurants, bars together with the general atmosphere creates a perfect environment for creative work. All the spaces are full of natural light, in which the unique artistic decoration and fresh design stand out, which will inspire you.

It doesn't matter whether you need to educate yourself or just focus on solving important work challenges, you will always feel at home with us. Schedule a visit today.

######How much does it cost to rent?
CZK 2,000/hour or 10,000 CZK/day**

Prices are shown without VAT.


  • Max capacity: 20 pax


  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system


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