25     Praha 10 - Vršovice

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Nezávazně poptat

Space for creative people with public workshop 21 and workshops

Are you looking for a place where you can realize yourself? Don't have the necessary tools? Do you lack space or do you not want to make a mess at home? Don't have space to create, study or work? The project "Public Workshop 21" can offer you its own space. The workshop is part of the alternative bulmex space and is fully equipped with basic tools. The workshop is located in the closer center of Prague and is also suitable for workshops with a maximum of 20 people!

Bulmex's shop and shared workshops were founded by a group of seven friends. In our workshops we mosaic, make leather accessories, restore furniture and sew and make silver jewelry. We also give space to friends who have nowhere to display their products, such as cycling caps or drawings. And we run creative workshops for children and adults.


  • Max capacity: 25 pax



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