Café Práh Brno

Nezávazně poptat

Training cafe and space for events in Vaňkovka in Brno

You can come to our cafe not only to relax, but also to work, we have a dedicated space for business meetings with internet connection. We offer a selection of a very rich drink menu and refreshments and the possibility of pleasant, undisturbed sitting in the non-smoking areas of our café.

The space is divided into three parts - a café, a small hall and a large hall. Attractive spaces near the city center with good transport links can be rented for private and public events. When visiting Café Práh you can also view and purchase products from our sheltered workshops. We also organize various cultural events (concerts, poetry reading, screenings, etc.) in the café.

Cafe Práh is a training café run by Práh South Moravia, where people with mental illness serve. The café is focused on work skills training and workload management training comparable to normal work conditions. It is intended primarily for adults with mental illness who are motivated to return to normal employment or school. Users of Práh Jižní Morava, z.ú. with the support of training site assistants, they have the opportunity to learn how to manage even difficult and stressful situations


  • Max capacity: 80 pax


  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system
  • Stage available


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