Červený Jelen

Nezávazně poptat

A vibrant oasis of togetherness with the possibility of using private lounges

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from 25 000 Kč/day


from 20 000 Kč/day


from 20 000 Kč/day


from 20 000 Kč/day

Togetherness, a relaxed way of enjoying life, great food, perfect beer and hospitality. This is the modern luxury nowadays.

That is why, the winged Red Stag as a symbol of the return of a relaxed life to the center of Prague. That is why the timeless interior from the team of ing. Arch. Stanislav Fiala with many cubist details, which follow the initial work of ing. Arch. Josef Gočár.

You can enjoy both of our menus on our two floors "The Bank" and "The Vault." In The Vault: you will enjoy a cozy restaurant atmosphere with seasonal Degustation menu prepared specially by Marek Fichtner and his team. In The Bank: you will find a menu of a modern pub built on the use of the unique American grill Grillworks. For whom, who would like to combine these two concepts selected dishes from The Vault can also be served on The Bank floor.


  • Max capacity: 1100 pax