Chateau Hostačov

Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 500 CZK/hour

A picturesque manor, hidden in the forests of the Czech Highlands

Chateau Hostacov is a picturesque manor, hidden in the forests of the Czech Highlands. It provides a peaceful retreat to anyone who wants to relax from the busy cycle of modern times and rejoice in life.

Do you want to impress an important business partner, or are you looking for an inspirational place for your corporate training than the classic conference room? Would you like to invite your friends or family to an extraordinary place? Chateau Hostacov turns your every encounter into an unusual experience.

The chateau's representative premises provide the perfect backdrop for your business meetings, corporate events and private celebrations. We are able to prepare inspirational meetings in the historic interiors of the castle and outdoors in the fresh air in the chateau park. For larger groups or absolute privacy, the chateau can be rented exclusively.

Chamber chat in privacy

Some of the meetings are so significant that the hotel business is not enough for them. For these cases, you can use the chateau library, which is an unmistakable atmosphere for making history.

Large corporate meetings

For meetings of larger groups such as corporate training or parties, the Hall of Fame is ideal, offering plenty of room with equipment as well as a representative level.



  • Max capacity: 250 pax


  • Barrier-free
  • WiFi
  • Parking available
  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system


  • No open fire
  • Exclusive catering
  • The event must be approved by the venue owner