Domeq Brno

Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 1000 CZK/hour

Spacious industrial design lobby suitable for workshop events and presentations

Domeq is a new living concept providing affordable and stylish accommodation within a dynamic social community.

Domeq is a venue where you can rest easily, knowing that the entire park has 24/7 security with CCTV. Domeq has secure-card access only. Well lit streets and walking paths make sure you feel safe returning from a late from a night out or work.

The forward-looking and well-appointed rooms at Domeq were designed to help Brno’s top young professionals and students jump-start their careers, and expand their networks - both personal and professional. Domeq combines the right balance of sought-after privacy with common areas for social collaboration and activity.

Domeq trendy housing is the latest addition to the dynamic business park, with a mix of 19th century industrial studios and 21st century offices set and a green campus-like urban atmosphere. At Domeq, tenants will beneft from both fresh community and the eclectic mix of innovative businesses operating in the park.



  • Max capacity: 100 pax

Divadelní uspořádání pro 60 lidí


  • WiFi
  • Barrier-free
  • Parking available
  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system
  • Air conditioned


  • No open fire

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od 350 Kč/hod.