Envicentrum PROUD Horažďovice

Nezávazně poptat

Modern space with distinctive genie loci

PROUD represents a modern space with a distinctive genius loci usable by young people, educators and the general public for meeting, inspiration and cross-border cooperation as well as a place to explore nature, landscape and history not only of the Prachen region. Together with the Natural Science Center, PROUD serves as a center of environmental education, which implements one- and multi-day training courses for school colleges. As part of the children and youth house in Horažďovice, they provide facilities for youth activity (science-tuned circles), and serve as a base for residential and suburban camps during holidays. They are home to dozens of wild and exotic animals and domestic animals, and last but not least, they provide space for seminars, lectures, workshops and other educational or cultural events for young people as well as for the professional and non-professional public.


  • Max capacity: 34 pax


  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment