Galerie Kvalitář

200     Prague 1 - New Town

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Nezávazně poptat

Beautiful gallery spaces in the center of Prague where you can be surrounded by art and design.

Art Platform The Qualitarium was created in 2012 at the initiative of the architectonic studies of the same name by Jiří Kučera and Marek Habr. The Fine Arts meet art, design and architecture in one interconnected whole. The Gallery is presented mainly by contemporary Czech artists across the categories. At the same time, however, he focuses on the establishment of foreign names on the Czech art scene. As a private gallery, Qualitair offers a wide range of curatorial works that a visitor can view at any time in our both physical and web depositories. Regular exhibition activities of the Quality Gallery include more than two dozen exhibitions of a very wide repertoire from the area of ​​free art, site-specific, but also lectures and cultural events. Last but not least, we provide a complete client service ranging from consulting, sales of artwork and design to the possibility of organizing events in our exclusive premises.


  • Max capacity: 200 pax


  • Sound system
  • Barrier-free
  • Presentation equipment
  • WiFi


  • The event must be approved by the venue owner
  • No smoking
  • No open fire

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