Křižíkovy pavilony

Nezávazně poptat

The pavilions provide ideal spaces for corporate events, representative and exhibition events of all kinds.

Offered venues


Malé Křižíkovy pavilony C, D


Velké Křižíkovy pavilony B, E

The Prague Exhibition Center is an ideal place for various cultural, social, sports and corporate events. Excellent transport accessibility, large parking capacity and interesting hotels in the vicinity make the Exhibition Center an attractive destination for domestic and foreign guests. If you are hesitating where to organize an unforgettable event for your clients, add to all this a peaceful environment full of greenery and the possibility of using local sports fields.

Křižíkovy pavilony is located in the lower park part of the Výstaviště complex. A total of four buildings from 1991 - pavilions B, C, D and E - form one unit that surrounds the Křižík fountain. Pavilions C and D are referred to as "small", B and E are pavilions "large".

##### Little Cross pavilions C, D
The pavilions were completely renovated in 2021 and 2022. The modern multifunctional space is suitable for conferences, banquets, exhibitions, corporate events or film shoots. Modern technology inside and a location full of greenery outside will elevate your every event to an unforgettable experience.

Space of 800 m2 for up to 1,000 people with the possibility of expansion with outdoor space (roof, meadow).

##### Great Křižíkov pavilions B, E
The complete reconstruction of pavilion B was completed at the beginning of June 2022, in November we successfully approved pavilion E. Just like the small pavilions C and D, the large ones are also suitable for conferences, concerts, banquets, exhibitions, corporate events or film shootings.

A space of 1833 m2 for up to 1500 people with the possibility of expansion with outdoor space (roof, meadow).



  • Max capacity: 1500 pax


  • Air conditioned
  • Barrier-free
  • WiFi
  • Parking available
  • Sound system
  • Presentation equipment