Malý Oslov Glamping

Nezávazně poptat

Just an hour from Prague, a cottage village with a magical name hides in a meadow in the middle of the South Bohemian forests.

She can be all yours for a while. With an amazing view of the confluence of the Otava and Lomnice rivers, it will become a home for you and your closest friends, colleagues and friends for a day or a few days. A place where you can feel love in the air, gentle design, meadow flowers and forest. Where during the day you can lie on the meadow or in a hammock, swim in the pool, have lunch with everyone under a Bedouin tent and dance romantically on the terrace in the evening. For us, it is an absolutely magical and ideal place for a wedding, celebration or team building.

Take everyone with you. Children and dogs. Have a wonderful mini-holiday with everyone, your wedding or team building with a final party. The unique summer atmosphere of this place will probably remind you of the atmosphere from Sinful Dance and in winter a Czech fairy tale. Everything is here in one place. Ceremony, party, original and stylish accommodation for all guests.

The village has 21 cottages and one large southern-style social cottage with a large covered terrace, a bar, a professional gastro kitchen and a large lounge area with a fireplace.

In summer, the total accommodation capacity of the entire village is 82 people, in winter 50. We can provide catering and a bar according to your wishes, or you can take care of everything yourself.

Every winter, the above-standard facilities of this place full of sports and social games (swimming pool, playground, patangue, cornhole, table tennis, badminton, paddleboard, board games) are expanded to include a podcast studio, studio, shisha hut, forest gazebo, playstation house, gym and a massage parlor.

Whether in summer or winter, this is a great group getaway, by Czech standards, with an unusually affectionate philosophy.



  • Max capacity: 80 pax


  • Parking available
  • WiFi


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