Mlynica Bratislava

Nezávazně poptat

The unique Bratislava project combines the industrial atmosphere of the 1960s with a modern architectural concept.

In Mlynica we have a high customizability of up to 800 m2. In a little while, we can literally turn it upside down and prepare it to your liking. In 2018, Mlynica won the Architecture Award in the category of "Civil and Industrial Buildings"

Already at the entrance to Mlynice its visitors will be enchanted by the original industrial event space forming the heart of Mlynice.

The original concrete hoppers, the impressive height of the space and its openness, or the connection to the administrative spaces on the upper floors of the Mill, accentuate the genius loci of the building and naturally enhance the unique, captivating fusion of the original industrial architecture with the new and modern architectural concept.

The spacious, multifunctional event foyer of the Mlynice is not only an ideal place to organize exhibitions, openings, exhibitions, workshops, cultural events, corporate events, club meetings and many other formats, but also a place for friendly meetings with friends or colleagues. The space is variable and equipped with extensive facilities so that it can be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the diverse types of actions.



  • Max capacity: 350 pax


  • Barrier-free
  • WiFi
  • Parking available
  • Presentation equipment
  • Stage available
  • Sound system