Žulový bar
@Novoměstská radnice

50     Prague 2 - New Town

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Nezávazně poptat

The granite bar, or also the café, is located on the 1st floor of the western wing of the town hall. The current form was given to the granite bar after the extensive reconstruction of the town hall in the 70s - 90s by architect Václav Girsa. As the name of the room is apparent at the head of the room is a large bar of polished granite with a stainless steel desk. Likewise, the floor is granite. There are niches in the wall behind the bar. The eastern wall is full glazed with a beautiful view of the entire courtyard. There are windows on the western wall, the space is so bright. Lighting is provided by ceiling lights. The café is heated by underfloor heating. Access is via spiral staircase, it is also possible to use the main staircase. There is a cloakroom on the ground floor with a capacity of 270 people. In the adjoining room there is a preparation for catering where there is basic kitchen equipment (electric stove, dishwasher, sink, etc.). The total area is 67.5 m2.


  • Max capacity: 50 pax


  • Sound system
  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment


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