The entire first floor
@Old Town Hall Brno

Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 2650 CZK/hour

Renting the first floor of the Old Town Hall.

If you are planning a larger party or party, it is possible to rent the entire first floor, which consists of the following: - Crystal Hall, Fresco Hall, Treasury, Gallery, Room with the oldest ceiling. Each of the rooms is specific and together they form a rugged and harmonious whole.

The treasury and its vestibule can be used as an entrance - a welcome area and a dressing room. The Crystal Hall as the main space, can be equipped with tables or chairs, bistro tables, or there can be an accompanying music program. The room with the oldest ceiling is connected to the Crystal Hall through the door, it can be used as a background for performers or for catering. Gallery itself is ideally suited for refreshment, it has two entrances - directly from the Crystal Hall and from the hallway. Other areas - Mezipatro and the foyer can be used to relax, sit and chat.

The fresco hall, which is connected with the other halls by a Renaissance gallery, can be used for catering, music program, small concert, lecture.


  • Max capacity: 200 pax


  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system
  • Stage available


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