Paralelní Polis

Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 1540 CZK/hour

Independent modern space honors freedom and volition

Offered venues


Zasedací místnost

from 450 Kč/hr.


from 450 Kč/hr.

Multifunkční sál

from 1 540 Kč/hr.

Parallel Polis is home to Bithoin Coffee , Paper Hub , Multifunctional Hall Cryptoanarchy Institute ) and other original projects. In Polis, we connect science, art and new technologies. We question institutions and settled orders. We experiment with cryptogenetics and bitcoin economy, self-sufficiency and open source technologies.

We do great coffee and we are looking for a more free being. Ideal basis for us are new technologies, decentralization and cryptanarchy, which we understand as a potential rational variant of social order. Through our activities we try to contribute to a critical discussion of the related problems of the present.

Polis provides a place for your event (and also tailor-made), through business meetings, trainings, corporate breakfasts, discussion forums, conferences, workshops, teambuilding, hacking, exhibitions.

We can arrange courses and lectures about 3D print, cryptosmongers, Internet and computer security, or Barista and Sommelier workshops. Thanks to the excellent lightness and unconventional atmosphere, our spaces are made for film, advertising and photography **.

We offer great refreshments and tailor-made catering for your events.


  • Max capacity: 80 pax


  • Sound system
  • Presentation equipment
  • WiFi


  • The event must be approved by the venue owner
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