Port Coworking

Nezávazně poptat

Amazing industrial space and coworking at Holešovice harbor

The Harbor is a place for anchoring creative crafts. It brings together courageous entrepreneurs who have started up with difficult challenges and unexpected horizons. It creates a backdrop to the turbulent ocean of client changes and unpaid invoices. Whether you are an architect, builder, graphician or designer, all stray souls are welcome here.

For events we offer 2 meeting rooms and a kitchenette. On warm days also the terrace.

Originally a carpenter workshop located near Holešovice, Harbor was left in industrial appearance. However, the content has changed into a shared port of individuals and business ships. After the entrance, we can overlook the entire hall, which is divided into smaller pieces along the window. Here are the creative helmsmen. Built-in partitions are made of polycarbon, they release enough light to the depth of the deck.

After a long jetty you can move by a longboard or a folding bike. A large number of captains on one deck often do not avoid the formation of a „submarine“. However, the air can be easily refreshed by opening the reconstructed industrial windows. All materials remained in the original, raw form, the ceilings and the floor strenghtenby cement. Cabin crew painted walls just where it was needfull. The hall view is supported by an axis of industrial lamps lined with suspended cocoons.

Under the only skylight in space, we placed an island where we drink coffee and discuss experiences from long journeys. The storage compartments are made of metallic shelves, the furniture is designed from waterproof plywood, the cabeling remains visible.
We flow together on one deck, we share ideas and creative backround. Would you take apart?


  • Max capacity: 10 pax


  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system