Prague Crossroads

Nezávazně poptat

The premises of the deconsecrated church founded in 927

The Prague intersection is a very variable space in which events of various nature can be realized.

The layout of the space can be completely different for each event, and the client thus has the opportunity to carry out the event exactly according to his ideas. A gala evening, banquet, reception, conference, theater performance, music concert, pre-Christmas corporate event and much more can be organized in Prague Crossroads.

The International Spiritual Center Prague Crossroads is one of the projects of the Dagmar and Václav Havel VIZE 97 Foundation, which also takes care of the preservation and management of this unique space.

The Prague intersection is located in a long-deconsecrated church founded by St. Václav as early as 927 AD

|Arrangement|Space| |Capacity|
|Theatre|Main nave | |350 people|
|Theatre|Kruchta | Raised floor overlooking the stage | 60 people
|Gala|Captain Ship | Round tables | 260 people
|Gala|Captain Ship | Longitudinal tables | 230 people + 30 on stage
|Buffet| The entire space | | 500 to 600 people


  • Max capacity: 600 pax


  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system
  • Stage available


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