Silesia swimming pool

Nezávazně poptat

The natural oasis of the former river spa - a great place for outdoor events and teambuilding.

The natural area of ​​the former Silesian swimming pool.
The closed natural oasis offers space for private and corporate events throughout the year, with a capacity of up to 500 people.

#####River cove
A bay with a grassy beach and a spacious jetty located on the surface of the river. The beach is connected by a dam with a view of the river Orlici. The area of ​​the river bay with the beach and pier is approx. 2,500 m2.

In this space you can place a party tent or set up tents for overnight stays. The beach is connected by a causeway, on which there are a number of wooden cabins from the First Republic, which are a symbol of the original Silesian swimming pool and at the same time enclose the area of ​​the bay and form a compact unit separated from other parts of the area. Part of the beach area are covered summer gazebos that serve as background and relaxation rooms. Gazebos are lockable. There is a pier with facilities for relaxation, a sauna and a summer gazebo located directly on the river.

#####Lautta Bar
A stylishly equipped bar in the entrance area of ​​the complex.
The capacity of the bar is up to 45 people.

Rental is possible in various variants, from "borrow a bar" to renting a purely "meeting room" or classically including service.
A suitable place for teambuilding, meetings, training, Christmas parties, family celebrations, reunions of classmates, etc.

The indoor area of ​​the complex offers a grassy area, several sports fields (volleyball, soccer, beach volleyball), rope obstacles and a place for relaxation, including an open fireplace. This part is delimited by a dam with cabins on one side and a newer complex of wooden buildings intended for the sports and relaxation facilities of the area. The area of ​​the interior is approximately 2,000 m2.



  • Max capacity: 120 pax


  • Parking available
  • WiFi
  • Sound system
  • Presentation equipment


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