Štvanice Waves

Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 400 CZK/hour

Variable spaces for various events in Štvanice.

Offered venues


Dockyard Co-work Studio

from 800 Kč/hr.

Dockyard Upper Balcony

from 800 Kč/hr.

Gym with in a dockyard

from 10 000 Kč/day

Dockyard outdoor sports area

from 10 000 Kč/day

The waves of Štvanice offer a truly variable space with the freestyle spirit of the island of Štvanice between Holešovice and Karlín, now also pleasantly accessible not only by car, but also by public transport or on foot over the HolKa footbridge, usable for a wide range of events: meetings, presentations, parties, lectures, festivals, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, mini cinema, trainings, sports, yoga, smaller conferences. The premises also include a water area with a slalom channel and a riversurfing wave. This makes the place a unique space where you can combine work with sport, and at the same time in the center of Prague.


Co-work Studio

Capacity: 10

Description of possible use: meetings, presentations, lectures, workshops.

Space equipment: large table for 6-8 people, projection, internet, printer, lockers with seating.


Capacity: 25

Description of possible use: meetings, lectures, presentations, workshops, smaller exhibitions, chill-out zone, mini cinema, dressing room, changing room, storage space, backstage.

Space equipment: projection, sound system, LED lights, chairs, sofa, armchairs, mirror.


Capacity: 5

Description of possible use: background for events, meetings, preparation of drinks and simple dishes.

Space equipment: kettle and thermo kettle, coffee grinder, dishes, microwave oven, cooker, 2 small fridges, table and chairs.


Capacity: (12-100 people depending on the type of use)

Description of possible use: joint exercises for up to 12 people (yoga, functional training, strengthening, physio exercises), concerts, parties and smaller conferences for up to 60 people.

Space equipment: exercise and strength aids, ladders, bars, projector, mobile speaker, chairs, mobile bar, refrigerator, 2x PA speakers + tripods + small mixer.

Guest dressing room

Capacity: 25 (standing)

Description of possible use: dressing room, vestibule, bar, DJ's party.

Space equipment: 2x shower and sink, wardrobes, mobile bar, 2x benches.

Price for premises: minimum per evening is 7000 CZK without VAT / depends on the type of event.


Outdoor seating, Beach volleyball, grass area.

Capacity: unlimited

Description of possible use: concerts, small festivals, sports events, grill parties, workshops.

Space equipment: 4 tables with benches for 32 people, additional seating for 30 people, bar, DJ desk, lights, grill, portable fireplace, beach volleyball court.

Price: by agreement.



Capacity: 16

Description of possible use: riversurfing trainings, teambuildings, sports events for the public, races, promos and film shoots, sports courses and water rescue courses.

Area equipment: surfing wave (water to be ordered in advance), surfing equipment for rent, instructors, lights for night riding, First Aid and Ambuvak, handball.

Price: depends on the number of people.


Capacity 20

Description of possible use: training - kayak, paddleboard, canoe, sports events for the public, races, promos and film shoots, water rescue courses and courses, rafting.

Area equipment: water to be ordered in advance, kayak and paddleboard equipment for rent for 3 people, instructors, lights for night riding, First Aid Set and Ambuvak.

Price: depends on the number of people.



  • Max capacity: 100 pax


  • WiFi
  • Parking available
  • Presentation equipment


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