Svatováclavká vinice

800     Prague 1 - Hradcany

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Nezávazně poptat

A thousand-year-old vineyard at the Prague Castle

St. Wenceslas vineyards and Richter's Villa are part of the Prague Castle. The vast area (the length of which is ¼ of the Prague Castle) is surrounded by a high wall. The land is accessible from both the Castle and Klárova (metro, tram). The area is well visible from the entire embankment and most of Prague's bridges. From its own grounds are exceptional views of historic Prague. Sam Richter's Villa is an important classicist monument and forms an outstanding architectonic dominant when passing Chotek Set. St. Wenceslas vineyards - a legendary vineyard with a thousand-year history is the oldest vineyard in Bohemia and is thus a proof of a long wine tradition in the area. The extraordinarily well-exposed southern slope in the immediate vicinity of Prague Castle was chosen by Václav Václav for the cultivation of vine in the early 10th century. After its founder, the vineyard also bears the name - St. Wenceslas. In 2008 the planting of the vine was restored and after the general reconstruction of the whole area, the whole territory was for the first time in its more than a thousand-year history made available to the public. There are two basic grape varieties planted: Riesling Riesling and Pinot Noir - the two most noble varieties of northern wine-growing areas. In addition, 35 varieties of grape vines registered in the Czech Variety Book are planted along the sightseeing tour. A wide range of wine events and festivals are held throughout the year.


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