Swim Prague

400     Prague 1 - City center

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Nezávazně poptat

Design interior in the center of Prague in conjunction with the unique concept of club meets kitchen

Swim is a place where fantasy boundaries do not exist. The concept of club meets kitchen is a unique synergy of individual components of operation and offers the realization of exceptional events in the functionalist interiors environment, which is part of one of Eugen Rosenberg's architecturally most valuable Prague passages.

The ground floor of the swimming pool has a bar, a full-day kitchen and a capacity of 40 seats. Thanks to three separate entrances, space can be opened in the direction of the passage, which takes on extraordinary details such as roof loudspeakers, ceramic tiles or bent windows. The passage is a full-featured part of swim and can be used to implement the event.

The club space is located in the underground area and offers more discrete layouts. There is a dance floor in the form of a swimming pool, which is also a place for gastronomic events. At both bars there is a seating and it is possible to arrange for separate operations. A back bar with a capacity of about 50 people and a lounge with a sitting area is invited to realize the action of a smaller chrakter.

The club section is ultra-soundproof and allows independent production within a two-storey operation.
With our experienced team we can provide great technical background, but also first-class gastronomic service. As part of our team, dramaturgists and creative producers are also ready to engage in more demanding events.

We like challenges and original events, so we do swim!
We look forward to yours.


  • Max capacity: 400 pax

Up to 100 seats or 230 standing capacity


  • Air conditioned
  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment
  • Stage available
  • Sound system


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    Detail mí­sta
    od 28 000 Kč/hod.