T3 Coupé Tram

Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 7700 CZK/hour

Legendary T3 tram in semi-open cruise

Trams T3 and Prague are inherent in themselves. This is why the Prague Public Transport Company. m. Prahy, a. s., in collaboration with Anna Maresova designers, created a new concept of the tram, which follows the tradition of legendary Tatra T3 cars. It fully respects the basic characteristics of the original design, but delivers sensitive and sophisticated interventions into the context of the present time. The opening of the rear of the car and the use of original elements combined with modern technologies created the old-timer, which shows that even traditional means of public transport can offer a completely unexpected luxury.

The T3 Coupé Tramway offers enjoyment not only from the ride alone in Prague in a semi-open car, but also from the stylish solution of its interior. Of course, the designers inspired the original Tatra T3, but occasionally they also "jumped" to older types of trams. Part of the interior is, among other things, a bar based on a T1-type tram, where a similar counter was used to sell tickets. Another remarkable reminiscence is the sunroof that reminds of the legendary Skoda 706 RTO. Designers have not missed any details such as a mechanical ticket devalorizer, specially designed for the T3 Coupé only. Despite all the innovative features, despite the tram, it deliberately preserves the poetics of the 1960s, expressing the designer František Kardaus (1908-1986), the author of the original Tatra T3 cars.


  • Max capacity: 31 pax


  • Sound system


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