Terminál Karlín

Nezávazně poptat

Multifunctional areas of the yard and cellar in the popular part of Karlín

Offered venues


Vnitřní prostor


Dvorek Dva Kohouti


Historický degustační sklep

Birthday parties, Christmas parties and openings are held at Terminal Karlín!

#####We have multifunctional spaces in the center of Karlín.
One of them is an original basement space with a capacity of up to 350 people, ideal for any type of event where there is no need for daylight. The space can be expanded with a passage to a house with a bar for 500 people.

#####Are you over 500?
In that case, we reserve a part of the backyard for you, in combination we can handle up to 700 people under a roof or a tent.

This is the original cellar of the house from the 18th century with a unique atmosphere.

Audio-visual equipment and any type of seating is available. The space can be divided into three zones according to the size of the event.


  • Max capacity: 500 pax


  • WiFi
  • Sound system


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    Detail mí­sta
    od 60 000 Kč/den