Autoclub of the Czech Republic

550     Prague 1 - Nové Město

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Nezávazně poptat

First Republic conference premises in the center of Prague

Offered venues


Smetana Hall


Eliska Junkova Hall


Praga Lounge


Laurin & Klement Lounge


Aero Lounge


Club Lounge

The building belonging to the Autoclub of the Czech Republic is a place in the center of Prague, where you will feel the atmosphere of pioneering automobile times just outside the door. There has always been an effort to preserve the character of the First Republic, and that is why the representative rooms are preserved in their original style. In addition, the entire building is listed. But don't worry, it's live, it's no museum. In the spirit of the First Republic tradition we adhere to the proven: "Our customer, our master."

We have a spacious Smetana Hall with balcony gallery, which can either be closed or connected to the spacious Foyer and triple hall of Eliška Junková (Eliška Junková hall, Praga lounge and Laurin & Klement lounge) and use the entire first floor of the building with its own bar and technical backgrounds. On the ground floor of the building we can offer a separate lounge Aero or restaurant Autoklub together with two more intimate lounges. On the 5th floor of the building there is a modern, bright Club Lounge, with its own facilities, a bar and a kitchen, followed by a romantic terrace overlooking the Prague Castle and the Prague rooftops.


  • Max capacity: 550 pax


  • Air conditioned
  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment
  • Stage available
  • Sound system


  • No open fire
  • Exclusive catering
  • No smoking
  • The event must be approved by the venue owner

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