Prague 2 - New Town     23

Imago Mundi Event Space & Lounge

Unique bar on boat in the center of Prague

  Prague 10     500

Mlýn na Dobré vodě

A wonderfully renovated mill for weddings and corporate events right in Prague.

  Prague 8 - Libeň     30

Cafe & Restaurant Palmovka

Pleasant and quiet cafe with restaurant for smaller events

  Prague 1 - Old Town     250

Event space

The main hall of the design business hub

  Prague 3 - Wider center     50

Oblaca Restaurant
Tower Park Praha

Charming and unforgettable view combined with top gastronomy

  Prague 3 - Žižkov     250

Tower Park Praha

Charming views and stylish spaces for corporate events and weddings

  Prague 1 - Staré Město     400


Great Panasian cuisine in a unique environment inspired by Asia

  Prague 3 - Outer center     50

Balu Kitchen

Quiet surroundings of the restaurant overlooking the Prague skyline

  Zlín     2000


Center of Culture and Education of the Zlín Region

  Prague 13 - Suburb     100

Restaurant Trifot

Trifot Restaurant combines art and fine dining.

  Prague 1     1100

Červený Jelen

A vibrant oasis of togetherness with the possibility of using private lounges

  Central Bohemie     100

Chateau Mcely

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city in the middle of nature

  Central Bohemia     50

BÚDA Wine & Coffee

Design wine shop and café in the style of a Slovakian shed in Benešov.

  South Moravia     50

Vinný sklep U Zmeka

A wine cellar with the stamp of beautiful craftsmanship

  South Moravia     15

Wine Cellar U Modraka

Design wine cellar with a unique atmosphere

  Prague 1     60

Ristorante Torino

A great place for a quick meeting, business meeting or perhaps a great party right on Wenceslas Square.

  Prague 3 - Wider center     200

Miminoo Restaurant
Tower Park Praha

A green oasis in the middle of Žižkov under the famous Babies on Prague Tower

  Prague 1     130

Talíř Restaurant

Two-storey tapas restaurant overlooking Wenceslas S

  Prague 1     100

Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague

Designer jewel right in the center of Prague with view on Wenceslas Square.

  Prague 1 - Old Town     90

U Staré Paní Jazz & Cocktail Club

Jazz club with a focus on quality alcohol, after complete reconstruction.

  Olomouc     80

Resort Hodolany

A multipurpose complex with a hotel and restaurant in Olomouc

  Liberec     100

Zlatý Kohout Restaurant

Restaurant in the centre of Liberec with a modern and unique design.

  Prague 3 - Wider center     50

Oblaca Bar
Tower Park Praha

A bar with a specific atmosphere in a unique place with an extraordinary perspective