Dolní Kounice Castle

Nezávazně poptat

An important castle monument completely open for organizing various events.

Dolní Kounice castle and chateau is one of the important monuments of castle architecture in our country, which has a rich history and present and is definitely worth a visit. Despite its uniqueness and cultural importance, it was not made available to the public until 2007. From 2006 to the present day, a private company takes care of the castle. Under her management, the castle became a sought-after venue for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, private and corporate events, art exhibitions, interactive programs for children and also interesting tours.

Visitors to the tours can admire rare historical delicacies such as a green room with rare paintings, cannon embrasures, a black kitchen, a self-supporting limestone spiral staircase and much more.

The owner opens the entire castle and castle to the public for rent and use, with the aim of using the potential of ideas, interests, needs of people and companies, to engage them by renting specific spaces and from the offer of these tenants to the public to create unusual offers of products, services, experiences for visitors to the castle.
With all of this, he aims to turn this place full of history into an attractive tourist destination, where it will be worth flying from anywhere in the world, on any day, because the day will never end here. It cannot be ruled out that the interest to live here prevails, and therefore in the next section, we will also deal separately with housing.



  • Max capacity: 5000 pax

Up to 5000 people in the castle. Up to 20,000 people on the meadows.


  • Parking available
  • Sound system