Mendel´s Glasshouse

Nezávazně poptat
Starting from 17000 CZK/6 hour

A unique space of a restored greenhouse in the center of Brno.

The restored Mendel greenhouse is a unique space that connects the worlds of science and faith. Conferences, lectures, banquets, weddings, parties, workshops, exhibitions and concerts are held here.

This gives you the opportunity to hold an interesting event in a completely unique space in the center of Brno, yet in a calm and pleasant environment. We will be happy to introduce you to the greenhouse and show you all its possibilities.

The new Mendel greenhouse by architectural studio Chybík+Krištof copies the original floor plan and orientation. At the same time, a permanent exhibition of Mendel's legacy found its place under the glass roof in the form of a glass work of art representing Mendel's handwriting, or a model of the Hrachovina monument. And like in the old days, yet in the most modern way, peas are grown here in aeroponic pots, which completes the unique atmosphere. The pea that, through the abbot and brilliant scientist GJ Mendel, stood at the birth of genetics.

The greenhouse is suitable for organizing congresses, meetings, training, weddings, Christmas parties, workshops, conferences, vehicle demonstrations and many other occasions.

Modern air conditioning will ensure that you do not feel like you are in a greenhouse in the summer.

Floor area:

200 m2

Additional equipment:

64 chairs

6 round tables ⌀120 cm

2 square tables 140 x 80 cm


  • Max capacity: 100 pax
  • 150 people per stand
    - 100 people per session (theatre layout)
    - 70 people per session (blackboard)


  • Air conditioned
  • Barrier-free
  • WiFi
  • Presentation equipment
  • Sound system


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