Novoměstská radnice

Nezávazně poptat

Representative spaces of the national cultural monument in the center.

Offered venues


Renesanční Velký sál




Recepční salonky


Žulový bar


Konšelský salonek



New Town Hall is the center of cultural events and offers its representative spaces for rent. In addition to concerts and exhibitions in several gallery spaces, festivals, fairs, theater performances, dance evenings and other cultural and social events for all ages are held throughout the year. Ceremonial ceremonies are held in the ceremonial hall of the town hall. New Town Hall is one of the national cultural monuments in Prague. It is located on Charles Square, the largest square in the Czech Republic. Her history began shortly after the foundation of the New Town of Prague Charles IV. in 1348. In the year 1419 the first Prague defenestration took place - a crowd led by Jan Želivský and Jan Žižka overthrew the windows of the purkmistra, two conspiracies and several burghers, and initiated the Hussite revolution. The dominant feature of the town hall is the observation tower , which is almost 70 meters high, 221 stairs leading to its gallery. It was completed in 1456 and from the 15th century it served as a "guardhouse" for the New Town, and later the clock was taught by the reporter. In the tower there are gallery spaces and in the first floor the originally Gothic chapel . The entrance gothic column hall with vault Mázhaus is the largest non-sacred space of the highest Gothic in Bohemia, which has been preserved. There are press conferences, seminars, coffebreaks, banquets, vernissage of some exhibitions, etc. Besides Mázhauz, there is a Konšelský lounge with an original wooden painted ceiling equipped with historical furniture. On the first floor of the west wing are located Reception Lounges with vaulted ceiling and Granite Bar with a glass wall with a polished granite bar overlooking the entire courtyard. The current design was given by architect Václav Girsa. Here there are press conferences, seminars, cocktails, banquets, etc. The courtyard is dominated by a stone fountain, and there is always an exposition of giant gypsum pillows that are used for sitting. It is paved with stone cubes, the eastern side is covered by the arcade and the original well beside it. The entrance to the courtyard is on Vodičkova Street. Now there is a popular café with a garden in the courtyard.


  • Max capacity: 300 pax


  • Sound system
  • Presentation equipment
  • WiFi
  • Stage available


  • No open fire
  • No smoking

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