Crowd Cafe

Space for celebrations, corporate events, musicians and comedians.

from 1 499 CZK/h
  Prague 2 - New Town     23

Imago Mundi Event Space & Lounge

Unique bar on boat in the center of Prague

  Prague 2 - Vinohrady     20

Private escape café&bar IMAGINATORIUM

Looking for something „out-of-the box" ?

from 10 000 CZK/day
  Prague 7 - Troja     400

Kolovna ZOOna

A unique concept and multifunctional area for events in the courtyard of the former Troj Brewery.

from 40 000 CZK/day
  Prague 5     800

Prague Louka

Multifunctional space for rent for weddings, corporate events, celebrations, concerts, children's days and mor...

from 1 000 CZK/h
  Prague 4 - Podoli     50


A unique concept of a modern interactive exhibition for organizing social and corporate events.

from 1 000 CZK/h
  Central Bohemia     20

Residence Small Meadow

Private home for a closed meetings in nature

from 14 000 CZK/day
  Chomutov     80

Wake Chomutov

Outdoor area in the wakepark.

from 2 000 CZK/day
  Olomouc     100

Humno 11

A unique venue for events in a former threshing floor.

from 20 000 CZK/day
  Prague 8 - Karlín     300

River Rink - Ice Skating Karlín

The only ice rink in Prague that will have fun even if you don't even step on the ice!

  East Bohemia     12

Na konci světa

Co-work, co-living, cottage for relaxed and community events


Whole museum
Museum of Senses

The whole museum for your event

from 20 000 CZK/h
  Prague 1 - City Center     50

Art-n-Coffee Praha

Cafe and art gallery for modern art lovers.

  Prague West     120

Průhonický park a zámek

Amazing park and chateau right next to Prague

from 15 000 CZK/day
  Prague 1 - City center     100

Prague Fear House - Haunted House & Bar

Unique space in the horror style concept

  Prague 1     80

Studio Petrská
Fun Arena Prague

Perfectly equipped photography studio and event space in one.

  Northwest Bohemia     200

Resort Oblík

A unique destination in the middle of a nature reserve in the heart of the Bohemian Central Highlands.

  Prague 5 - Zbraslav     1000

Action Park

Outdoor entertainment area in Prague for private events and teambuildings

  Prague 5     40

Sféra Prostor

Various spaces for events and meetings on the outskirts of Prague.

  Brno     700

Open Gardens Brno

Looking for an inspiring environment, first class quality and environmental approach?

from 400 CZK/h
  District Tábor     200

Čertovo břemeno

The devil's burden is not only for golfers but also for the public.

from 500 CZK/h
  Prague 5 - Outer center     1500

Imperial meadow Prague

Leisure center right next to the city center

  Prague 1     35

Bar Club
Alma Prague

A unique multifunctional gastronomic concept with spaces for events in the center of Prague.

  Prague 1     100

Underground City
Fun Arena Prague

A completely unique space suitable for any occasion

  Prague 1     30

Mana Potion
Fun Arena Prague

A perfectly equipped board game club including a VIP lounge.

  Prague 1     15

Proesport Studio
Fun Arena Prague

Professional TV, streaming and podcast studio.

  Olomouc     250

Pevnost poznání

A fascinating setting for social gatherings.

  Moravia     2500

Šiklův mlýn

The first western town in the Czech Republic.

  Prague 3 - Žižkov     90

Kulturní centrum Vozovna

Ideal place for business meetings - neither in the center nor on the periphery, halfway around.

from 960 CZK/h
  Prague 1     30

Factory Field
Fun Arena Prague

Adrenaline playground, where you can perfectly discharge your batteries after a demanding training session or test you...

  Prague 1     340

Fun Arena Prague

4 floors of entertainment in the center of Prague for innovative corporate events, celebrations or bachelorette parties.

  Hradec Králové     120

Silesia swimming pool

The natural oasis of the former river spa - a great place for outdoor events and teambuilding.

  Prague 2     45

SlouFlou Living Room

A pleasant and unique space for meetings and workshops in Vinohrady.

  East Bohemia     250

Karlova Koruna castle

Picturesque Baroque Palace

  Olomouc district     60

Wake Surf Náklo

Area with bistro, worklounge and water sports suitable for both private events and teambuilding.

  Prague West     250

Arcade Games Museum

The largest retro arcade game room and museum in Central Europe

  Prague 7 - Letná     300

Dvorek na Letné

Outdoor spaces in Prague's Letná for all kinds of events

  West Bohemia     150

Castle Vildštejn

One of the oldest castles in Czech Republic

  Prague Suburb     80

La Bottega Oaks Deli Bistro

Premium Italian bistro on the square in the heart of OAKS Prague with unique Chapman and Taylor interior.

  South Bohemia     80

Malý Oslov Glamping

Just an hour from Prague, a cottage village with a magical name hides in a meadow in the middle of the South Bohemian ...

  Prague 1 - City center     40

Golem VR

Unique experience game in virtual reality, the biggest VR game in Europe.

from 2 500 CZK/h
  West Bohemia     60

Rendlík Restaurant

A restaurant in the middle of the Erzgebirge forests for events away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  East Bohemia     400

Broumov Monastery

National treasure after successful reconstruction, ready for the most demanding events.

  Prague 1     100

Cyber Arcade
Fun Arena Prague

Arcade game room with its own bar and private lounge