Prague 1     250

Střecha Radost

Multifunctional spaces for your event with a view of the whole of Prague

  Prague 1     120

The Flow Building

An exclusive terrace with a panoramic views of Prague and Prague Castle

  Prague 2 - New Town     23

Imago Mundi Event Space & Lounge

Unique bar on boat in the center of Prague

  Prague 7 - Troja     400

Kolovna ZOOna

A unique concept and multifunctional area for events in the courtyard of the former Troj Brewery.

from 40 000 CZK/day
  Prague 1 - Old Town     200


Charming event place with a unique atmosphere.

  Prague 5     800

Prague Louka

Multifunctional space for rent for weddings, corporate events, celebrations, concerts, children's days and mor...

from 1 000 CZK/h
  Prague 1 - City center     190

Museum of Applied Arts in Prague

Reconstructed museum with amazing spaces not only for cultural events and programs

  Olomouc     45

Vault 42

Coworking Center in Olomouc not only for "smart creatives"

  Brno     160

Impact Hub Brno

An open space created for original events

from 2 200 CZK/h
  Praha 1 - Malá Strana     200

Hartig Garden
Hartigovský palác

A unique space under Prague Castle for weddings, corporate events or stylish celebrations

  Prague     400

Prosklené lodě PRAGUE BOATS

Private cruises on designer glass ships

  Prague West     100

Uhelný mlýn

Amazingly renovated building of the former coal mill

  Prague 1     80

Midtown Meetings

Conference and meeting rooms in the center of Prague.

  Central Bohemia     20

Residence Small Meadow

Private home for a closed meetings in nature

from 14 000 CZK/day
  Prague 8 - Karlín     500

Terminál Karlín

Multifunctional areas of the yard and cellar in the popular part of Karlín

  Prague 5 - Smíchov     400

Cargo Gallery

Cargo Gallery is not an ordinary gallery. Cargo Gallery is a ship.

from 60 000 CZK/day
  Prague 5     850

Gabriel Loci

Premises of a neo-romanesque monastery of st. Gabriel suitable for any type of event

from 35 000 CZK/day
  Prague 5     440

Manifesto Market Anděl

A stylish meeting place that thrives on gastronomy and culture.

  Chomutov     80

Wake Chomutov

Outdoor area in the wakepark.

from 2 000 CZK/day
  Prague 1 - Old Town     190

Multifunctional hall
Museum of Applied Arts in Prague

Multifunctional hall in the historical building of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

  Praha 3 - Žižkov     100

Atrium na Žižkově

Cultural centre suitable for private and public events, concerts, small conferences or weddings

  Prague 5 - Smíchov     50

Vedle Space

Space #next door in Prague's Smíchov in the area of the former Libertas printing house.

from 3 000 CZK/h
  Prague 9 - Vysočany     4000

Pragovka Art District

Legendary first republic factory

  Prague 8 - Karlín     300

River Rink - Ice Skating Karlín

The only ice rink in Prague that will have fun even if you don't even step on the ice!

  Prague     150

Loď Bohemia Rhapsody
Prosklené lodě PRAGUE BOATS

Private cruises on designer glass ships

  Prague 3 - Žižkov     250

Tower Park Praha

Charming views and stylish spaces for corporate events and weddings

  East Bohemia     12

Na konci světa

Co-work, co-living, cottage for relaxed and community events

  Prague 8     150

Dockyard outdoor sports area
Štvanice Waves

Outdoor sports field of Štvanice shipyard with seating.

from 10 000 CZK/day
  Zlín     2000


Center of Culture and Education of the Zlín Region

  Pilsen     135

Černá ovce - svatební stodola

A farm full of animals and a unique barn in the center of Pilsen

  Prague 8     130

Botel Marina

Organize an event on the Marina boat, which is moored in the center of Prague, but at the same time in a quiet place r...

from 2 180 CZK/h
  Prague 7 - Holešovice     24

Penthouse Marina

Design penthouse with a panoramic view of Prague.

  Prague 1     55

Langhans - centrum a kavárna Člověka v tísni

An original cafe hidden in the very center of Prague

  Prague 7 - New Town     200

VILA Štvanice

A place for cultural and social events.

  Prague 1 - Nové Město     84

Edison Filmhub

Stylish cinema, design cafe and conference facilities in the center of Prague

  Prague 10 - Outer Center     100

Trmalova villa

Garden at the villa by arch. J. Kotěra for outdoor events.

  Brno     50


A stylish cafe in the center of Brno, right on the Green Market,

from 5 000 CZK/day
  Prague West     120

Průhonický park a zámek

Amazing park and chateau right next to Prague

from 15 000 CZK/day
  Krkonoše     120

Chata Stopa
Skiareál Špindlerův Mlýn

Stylish mountain restaurant at an altitude of 1012 m.

  Trnava     1500

Outdoor court
Nádvorie Trnava

Open courtyard in the center of Trnava

  Prague 9     12

A | P - Amazing Places Loch

A place for informal events and offsite, where you can also sleep :)

from 1 500 CZK/h
  Brno     40

Sky Room
Impact Hub Brno

Exclusive 150 m2 terraces with 50 seats, with electrical connections and wifi connection.

from 1 100 CZK/h
  Prague 5 - Řeporyje     300

Studio a Zahrada BUBEC

Artistic studio with a large garden

  Prague 5 - Zbraslav     1000

Action Park

Outdoor entertainment area in Prague for private events and teambuildings

  Prague 3 - Žižkov     120

Café Vítkov

Café with exceptional views

  Prague 7 - Holesovice     140

Mama's Terrace
Mama Shelter Prague

Terrace with outdoor seating

  Brno     700

Open Gardens Brno

Looking for an inspiring environment, first class quality and environmental approach?

from 400 CZK/h
  District Tábor     200

Čertovo břemeno

The devil's burden is not only for golfers but also for the public.

from 500 CZK/h
  Prague 5 - Outer center     1500

Imperial meadow Prague

Leisure center right next to the city center

  Olomouc     55


An extraordinary complex of progressive craft brewery,<br /> artisan production of cheese curds and a restaurant...

from 2 000 CZK/day
  Prague 8 - Karlín     400

Dvorek Dva Kohouti
Terminál Karlín

Unique event space in the center of Karlín next to the Dva Kohouti brewery

  Brno     300

Summer scene of the Old Town Hall courtyard
Old Town Hall Brno

Courtyard in the center of Brno for outdoor events

  Prague 7 - Holešovice     500


DOX Center is one of the most progressive cultural institutions in the Czech Republic ...

  Prague 7     28

Salonky Bohemia a Silesia
Pavilon Bohemia

Lounges in the completely renovated Neo-Renaissance pavilion at the Prague Exhibition Centre.

  Prague 1 - New Town     150

The Monkey Bar Prague

A stylish and sophisticated bar with boutique charm and a great atmosphere.

  Prague 7     800

Gauč na Výstavišti

Open air spaces for corporate events, celebrations and even concerts.

from 15 000 CZK/day
  Prague 6 - Hradcany     150

Písecká brána

Reconstructed Baroque Gate at Hradčany.

  Krkonoše     350

Restaurace Na Pláni
Skiareál Špindlerův Mlýn

Panoramic restaurant with a large outdoor terrace

  Trnava     1500

Nádvorie Trnava

Amazing renovated space in the center of Trnava&#39;s contemporary culture

  Olomouc     250

Pevnost poznání

A fascinating setting for social gatherings.

  Prague     40

Port X

A houseboat or a house? Both.

  Prague 1 - Lesser Town     40

Rainbow's End Cafe and Art Garden

Magic creative oasis at Charles Bridge

  Prague 8 - Karlín     250

Vnitřní prostor
Terminál Karlín

Multifunctional areas of the yard and cellar in the popular part of Karlín

  Prague     350

Loď Grand Bohemia
Prosklené lodě PRAGUE BOATS

The newest and largest ship not only in the PRAGUE BOATS fleet, but also in Central Europe.

  Prague 7 - Holesovice     200

Backyard DOX+
DOX+ Space

DOX+ courtyard, ideal for networking

  Moravia     2500

Šiklův mlýn

The first western town in the Czech Republic.

  Prague West     500

Uhelný mlýn - Kotelna

Industrial conversion in good access to Prague

from 140 000 CZK/day
  Prague 1     140

Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague

Roof terrace with bar and restaurant overlooking the panorama of Prague.

  Prague 5 - Smichov     120

Veslařský klub Slavia Praha

Attractive and less familiar spaces for action

from 10 000 CZK/h
  Herálec     75

Chateau Herálec *****

Unique space in the Highlands

  Olomouc     320

Reprezentativní sál
House By The Park

An elegant hall with history in Dom U Park.

from 30 000 CZK/day
  Prague 1 - Old Town     100

Courtyard SmetanaQ

Stylish space in the center of Prague

  Prague 5 - Smíchov     400

Terrace Smichov

Roof top bar Terrace on the roof of OC Nový Smíchov for events not only with a great view.

  Prague 3     100

Brix Bar and Hostel

Bar and hostel of an eclectic community of travelers, artists and dreamers for unconventional and community events.

  Brno     300

Old Town Hall Brno

Former town hall building with spaces and courtyards for all sorts of events

  Prague 10 - Hostivař     2000

Hostivar Dam

A great place for an outdoor party, team building or a grand celebration.

  Prague 9 - Prosek     200

Bobovka Prosek & Bistro

An unconventional place where every event will be fun.

from 15 000 CZK/h
  Horažďovice     34

Envicentrum PROUD Horažďovice

Modern space with distinctive genie loci

  Krkonoše     300

Restaurace Medvědín
Skiareál Špindlerův Mlýn

Restaurant with a unique view at an altitude of 1235 m

  Prague 7 - Holesovice     70

Město • Moře • Stavení
Město • Moře

Original carpenter converted into a flexible space for rent

from 1 050 CZK/h
  Brno     35

KARMA Coffee Bar

A cozy cafe with an evening bar. Stage place for organizing workshops and other events.

  Highlands     80

Resort Svatá Kateřina

A unique place to relax with a historic Pavilion for unforgettable events, gala dinners, barbecues or Christmas parties.

from 13 970 CZK/12 h
  Brno     60

NEST interiér

An inspiring nest and space for aerial events above the rooftops of Brno

  Highlands     200

Panský dvůr Telč

Multifunctional conference and leisure complex in Vysočina.

  Hradec Králové     120

Silesia swimming pool

The natural oasis of the former river spa - a great place for outdoor events and teambuilding.

  West Slovakia     500

Piešťany Power Plant

Reconstructed former diesel power plant for interesting events

from 100 CZK/h
  Prague 2     40

Grebovka Pavilion

A romantic gazebo in the middle of a vineyard right in the center of Prague

  Brno     150

Café Ernst / Vila Stiassni

Elegant premises of the cafe in Villa Stiassni in Brno.

from 5 000 CZK/day
  Bratislava     350

Mlynica Bratislava

The unique Bratislava project combines the industrial atmosphere of the 1960s with a modern architectural concept.

  North Moravia     90

Hotel Helios

Conference hotel with wellness in Jeseníky, ideal for teambuilding in nature.

  Prague 8 - Karlín     70

Historický degustační sklep
Terminál Karlín

Unique event space in the center of Karlín next to the Dva Kohouti brewery

  Prague 7     800

Gauc at Vystaviste Praha
Impact Hub Ostrava

Summer, multicultural, open and at the same time covered area in Stromovka park.

  Brno     80

Café Práh Brno

Training cafe and space for events in Vaňkovka in Brno

  Český Krumlov     130

Hostinec Depo

The original pub Depo in Český Krumlov

  Prague 7     200

Hlavní sál Bohemia
Pavilon Bohemia

The main hall in the reconstructed Neo-Renaissance pavilion at the Prague Exhibition Centre.

  East Bohemia     250

Karlova Koruna castle

Picturesque Baroque Palace

  Prague 2     80

Staré purkrabství na Vyšehradě

A unique place for events that need air, a view, space and a touch of history in one.

  Olomouc district     60

Wake Surf Náklo

Area with bistro, worklounge and water sports suitable for both private events and teambuilding.

  Prague 8 - Karlín     250

Arthur's pub

Trendy and spacious PUB and minimalist kitchen in the heart of Karlín

  Central Bohemia     80

Panorama Golf Resort

A place for business, golf and events in scenic countryside.

  Prague 7 - Letná     300

Dvorek na Letné

Outdoor spaces in Prague's Letná for all kinds of events

  Prague West     100

Cidrerie Kliment

Unique space in Dobřichovice just a few steps from Berounka with a view of the Brd ridges.

  West Bohemia     150

Castle Vildštejn

One of the oldest castles in Czech Republic

  Prague Suburb     80

La Bottega Oaks Deli Bistro

Premium Italian bistro on the square in the heart of OAKS Prague with unique Chapman and Taylor interior.

  Prague 2 - New Town     300

Novoměstská radnice

New Town Hall courtyard for outdoor events

  Příbram district     50

Theater Cafe Hogo Fogo

A modern theater and event venue created from an old socialist building

  South Bohemia     80

Malý Oslov Glamping

Just an hour from Prague, a cottage village with a magical name hides in a meadow in the middle of the South Bohemian ...

  Prague     80

Loď Agnes de Bohemia
Prosklené lodě PRAGUE BOATS

Private cruises on designer glass ships

  Prague 2 - Vinohrady     140

Fixed Point

A unique community and coworking space with a focus on existential security, epistemics, rationality and effective alt...

from 2 000 CZK/h
  Prague 8     100

Štvanice Waves

Variable spaces for various events in Štvanice.

from 400 CZK/h
  Brno     5000

Dolní Kounice Castle

An important castle monument completely open for organizing various events.

  District of Liberec     50


Escape from civilization = return to one another

  Prague 2 - New Town     300

Novoměstská radnice

Representative spaces of the national cultural monument in the center.

  East Bohemia     400

Broumov Monastery

National treasure after successful reconstruction, ready for the most demanding events.

  Prague East     150

Villa Volman

A Jewel of Czech Functionalism for your event

  Prague 3 - Wider center     200

Miminoo Restaurant
Tower Park Praha

A green oasis in the middle of Žižkov under the famous Babies on Prague Tower


Chalupy Na Rališce

A great place for teambuilding and other events in the middle of the Beskydy Mountains

  Prague 2 - New Town     40


An eye on the Prague embankment. Newly renovated dungeon space respecting the principles of sustainability

  Prague - Suburb     150

Central Garden

The original space of the old inner block in Modřany for relaxed open-air events

  Olomouc     320

House By The Park

House with genius loci.

from 2 800 CZK/day
  Brno     300

Courtyard of the Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall Brno

Courtyard in the center of Brno for outdoor events

from 3 000 CZK/8 h
  Krkonoše     150

Quattro BAR
Skiareál Špindlerův Mlýn

Luxury quattro® BAR with its own terrace,